Saturday June 24, 2017

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Democrats Caught Lying

Top Dems knew Trump was not under investigation but told media otherwise Click Here for Video

Fixing the VA

President signs largest VA reform package in US history Click Here for Story

Asian Carp in Great Lakes?

Live fish found near Lake Michigan Click Here for Story

California Crazy

California’s travel ban blocks state-funded travel to four more states over LGBT issuesState of California bans employees from traveling to these 4 US states Click Here for Details

Not Objective

President is now seeing a lack of objectivity from Special Counsel Click Here for Story

Merchant Ship Was on Auto Pilot

U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald arrives at its mother port US Naval Yokosuka Base, Kanagawa  The ACX Crystal was on autopilot when it hit the USS Fitzgerald Click Here for Details

How Many on Medicaid?

Over 74 million now getting some type of Medicaid coverage Click Here for Story

Dollar A Day Insurance?

 Rand Paul’s suggestion for Healthcare insurance  Click Here for Details


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