Saturday June 29, 2013

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Judge Blocks Michigan Law Banning Domestic Partner Benefits

Same sex couples may again be able to receive benefits of partners Click Here for Story

War on Drugs Starts Anew?

Michigan State Police raid marijuana clinics Click Here for Details

Snowden Willing to Turn Self In?

With certain restrictions on the Feds Edward Snowden would come home and face trial Click Here for Story

 This Is What Happens With Gun Registry

Canadian flood victims get their guns confiscated Click Here for Details

Bad Priorities

Obama concentrating on climate control while country suffers Click Here for Story

… And the GOP Wants Obama to Show Facts on Climate Change

What data warrants the new EPA regulations and Executive orders Obama is putting on American energy business? Click Here for Details

Lerner Waived Her 5th Amendment Rights

You can’t protest your innocence then plead the 5th Click Here for Story

Click Here for Video of Lois Lerner pleading the 5th  (Ask yourself why you can’t share those videos on youtube anymore?)

Zimmerman Trial Turning into a Surprise for the Biased Media

Witnesses are showing self defense is valid Click Here for Details

Obama’s HHS Says Catholics Must Provide Abortion/Contraception Coverage

Final rules in place at Health and Human Services Click Here for Story

But Wait…Court Orders Halt Against Obamacare Mandate

Government can’t force Christian company to support abortion/contraception Click Here for Story

Senate Votes Immigration Bill that Favors Illegals?

Immigration bill has incentives for employers to hire “amenestied” illegals over US workers Click Here for Details

Working Class Should be Outraged

Palin Warns House of Reps not to double cross working Americans Click Here for Story

More Syrian Atrocities

Syrian rebels decapitate 3 government supporters with kitchen knives. And the US is supporting these animals? Click Here for Story and Video  (Warning Graphic Content)

Smarter Than Obama

German Chancellor Merkel blocks EU carbon caps to save jobs Click Here for Story

The Hypocrisy of GLAAD

Alec Baldwin gets a pass for violent anti-gay rant? Would a conservative get the same treatment? Click Here for Details

Beyonce and Jay Z may Have Violated Rules on Cuban Trip

Info FOIA’d on how and what the star couple did in Cuba and how they got dpecial permission to do so Click Here for Story

American Killed in Egypt

A US student bystander was killed in protests in Egypt Click Here for Details



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