Saturday June 30, 2018

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SCOTUS Battle Royale

White House preps for SCOTUS nomination battle Click Here for Story and Video

Rogue Federal Beauracracy?

Congressmen denied access by Office of Refugee Resettlement Click Here for Details

US Supreme Court Cites Mackinac Center in Landmark Ruling On Unions

 The Mackinac Center for Public Policy played a role in a Supreme Court ruling that the mainstream media is calling “the most significant court decision affecting collective bargaining rights in decades.” … more

Fake News Can Get You Fired?

One reporter finally punished for fake news tweet Click Here for Story

Democrats 2018 Agenda?

Make the border less safe by abolishing ICE? Click Here for Details

Investigate Rosenstein

Is DOJ spying on the Congressmen investigating the DOJ and FBI? Click Here for Story

Most Porous Border

In this June 13, 2013 file photo, US Border Patrol agent Jerry Conlin looks out over Tijuana, Mexico, by the old border wall along the US - Mexico border, where it ends at the base of a hill in San Diego. U.S. Customs and Border Protection has begun testing body-worn …Majority of Americans think US border is the most porous in the world Click Here for Details

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