Saturday March 16, 2019

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Who Was the New Zealand Shooter

Mass murderer kill 49 in Christ Church New Zealand Click Here for Story

Left Already Blaming Trump for…New Zealand Shooting?

Typical rush to judgment from liberals looking to push their agenda Click Here for Story

Build the Wall

Steve Bannon comes to Michigan to support the border wall Click Here for Details

Property Taxes Up $638 Million In 2018

Driven down by Lost Decade and Great Recession, Michigan property tax collections now up six years in a row

Shooter Did Not Act Alone?

4 now in custody in New Zealand Click Here for Details

More Money for Preschool Not the Answer

Proposal to boost great start funding doesn’t add up

Is There a Better Solution for Michigan Roads?

Removal of Corporate Tax Breaks could pay for Michigan’s roads? Click Here for Story

These Are Liberal Values?

AOC mocks prayer in wake of New Zealand mass shooting Click Here for Story

Here Comes the Veto

The Hill's Morning Report — Trump readies first veto after latest clash with Senate GOPGOP and Democrat Senators hide behind an alleged love for the Constitution to keep the border open Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

The master switch for human regeneration? Click Here for Details

Intolerance Kills

Netherlands: Leaving Islam is dangerous Click Here for Story



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