Saturday March 18, 2017

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Trump Moves Negotiation Forward on Healthcare

Wins over GOP study committee Click Here for Details and Video

Union Rules: Ineffective Teacher’s Raise is 4x That Of ‘Teacher Of The Year’

  In school districts across the state like Grand Rapids, teachers rated as “ineffective” can be rewarded more financially than a teacher-of-the-year. … more

Tillerson Hardcore on North Korea

Tillerson warns North Korea: ‘Strategic patience has ended,’ military action is ‘on the table’Says we want peace but warns military action is on the table Click Here for Story and Video

‘The Briefing Was All On Sensitive Matters’: Sen. Feinstein Tight-Lipped After Comey Meeting


Freedom Caucus Still a No Go

Freedom Caucus still opposes GOP healthcare plan Not on board with Ryancare Click Here for Details

Still Want Immigrants?

A CCTV image was released after the attack on a 90-year-old woman in October last year Muslim migrant rapes and strangles 90 year old Click Here for Story

The Result of Socialism

Venezuelan authorities escort an errant bread-maker out of a shop in Caracas. The government is cracking down on bakeries as it struggles with a bread shortage.Venezuela seizes bakeries as economy degrades further Click Here for Details and Video

Not Priorities

Trump has big cuts planned for non-essential government spending Click Here for Story

Not Safe in France?

France60% don’t feel safe anywhere in France Click Here for Story

More Threats from Turkey?

Threats to send 15,000 refugees a month into Europe Click Here for Details and Video

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