Saturday March 29, 2014

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Don’t Fill Your Own Potholes

  Ann Arbor asks residents not to fill their own potholes but to report them Click Here for Details

Political Shuffle

   With Mike Rogers stepping down from COngress who will run? Click Here for Story

District Disputes MEA President’s Claim About School Funding Cuts

Steve Cook said Wayne-Westland lost $40 million under Gov. Snyder; administration official says district received more revenue

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The Wayne County school district that the president of the Michigan Education Association highlighted as losing $40 million under Gov. Rick Snyder’s watch has actually had its funding increase. It is not the first time MEA President Steve Cook has made inaccurate claims about education. … more

A Little Late?

Obama urges Putin to pull troops back from Ukraine border Click Here for Details

New US Aircraft?

Image source: Dean Muskett via Aviation Week  Photo captures unknown aircraft in flight Click Here for Story

No Truth to Obamacare Registration Numbers

   How many have paid, how many lost insurance and how many just changed insurance? Click Here for Story

How Big is The Build Up?

Ukraine says Russia now has 100,000 troops on border Click Here for Story

Krauthammer on the Putin Obama Relationship

  A total mismatch? Click Here for Story

Could EMP Destroy the US?

   Whether a natural solar flare or man made attack the US should prepare our electrical grid for an Electro Magnetic Pulse Click Here for Details

Biden and Dems Want Across the Board Amnesty

  Total amnesty will drive wages down and costs up Click Here for Story

Search Area Shifts for Airliner

Debris being found closer to Australia Click Here for Details

US Punishing Israel by Denying Visas?

What’s with the spike in US denials of visas fro Israelis? Click Here for Story

 Total Hypocrite

      George Soros’ son wants money out of politics after already buying his way in? Click Here for Details

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