Saturday March 9, 2019

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This Ohr That?

Fed up Republican releases Bruce Ohr Testimony? Click Here for Story

No to the Huge Michigan Gas Tax?

Its a nonstarter in the Michigan House? Click Here for Details

Tax Parity? Or Just A Big Tax Hike On Many Michigan Small Businesses?

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proposes increasing tax rate on many businesses from 4.25 percent to 6 percent

It is a Waste of Money to Give More Tax Dollars to State Universities

Tuition is up, students are down, administrators make more, and manage more buildings

Good Samaritan

Lottery winner owes his win to an honest person Click Here for Details

What’s In It?

Dem House passes electoral reform bill you can guess what’s in it ?  Allowing Illegals to Vote? Click Here for Story

Illegals Mass At the Border

The flood is about to happen Click Here for Details

Trump Economy Continues Record Setting

 New high of Americans employed Click Her for Story

Democrats Are Now Anti-Semites

Instead of punishing anti-Semitic remarks by a Democrat the House doubles down on white privilege? Click Here for Story and Video

Collapse of the Moderate Democrats

Ilhan Omar, Ocasio-Cortez and the far left now seem to run the Democrat Party Click Here for Details

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