Saturday May 12, 2018

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The Deal

What is bringing North Korea to the table? Click Here for Story

A New Middle East Alliance?

Another Arab state says Israel has a right to exist Click Here for Story

Dirty FBI?

Did the FBI place a mole in the Trump campaign and spy on the political opposition? Click Here for Story

Maxine Waters: Poster Child for Rudeness

This is how elected Democrats act? Click Here for Story

Bad Blood?

Two GOP Governor Candidates going at it Click Here for Details

Back on The Grift?

The Clinton Foundation gala is back! Tickets will set you back $2,500 to $100,000.Clinton Foundation back to its old fundraising tricks? Click Here for Story

Lowering Drug Prices?

Trump Admin unveils new plan to reduce drug costs Click Here for Details

Record Tax Collections

Booming economy makes record tax collections for Fed even with tax break Click Here for Story

Democrats: Let’s Raise Taxes

2018 is your choice and the Dems want their money back from you Click Here for Details

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