Saturday May 17, 2014

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U of M Plans New Transportation Center

$38.5 million to be spent Click Here for Story

Investigating the High Price of Propane?

Was price fixing happening? Click Here for Details

Hypocrisy Over Private Organizations ‘Profiteering’ Off Education System

MEA says profits bad for some, good for education establishment

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

MEA President Steve Cook told the State Board of Education there are “too many people and private corporations making too much money off the public schools.” His total compensation was $212,848 in 2013, and 120 people in the MEA earn more than $100,000 a year. … more

Commentary: The Debate Over School Spending

Teacher pension costs really are part of classroom spending

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

It is easier for politicians to spend money now than sock it away for decades in the future when school employees are retiring. In other words, politicians have an incentive to underfund the pension system — and that’s what they do. … more

Dems Want to Limit the Rich’s Influence in Elections?

What will be in the small print? Click Here for Analysis

Who Are the Biggest Political Donors?

You will be surprised that its not the Koch Brothers Check the List Here

How Committed?

Valerie Jarrett clarifies statement that GOP’s Boehner is willing to work on comprehensive immigration reform this year Click Here for Story and Video

Will Obama Protect Kerry with Executive Privilege?

Congressman Issa subpoenas Secretary of State Kerry again Click Here for Details

Well Wouldn’t That Be Interesting?

Taliban claim to have million of dollars in sealed briefcases but… Click Here for Story

State Dept Still Out of Touch on Boko Haram?

Official says Boko Haram claiming to be Muslim just isn’t accurate? Click Here for Details

A New Climate Gate?

Professor Lennart Bengtsson, who claims his research on global warming is being 'covered up'  Study findings rejected for not playing the climate change game Click Here for Story

Soft on Deportation

AP Photo  Obama’s new DHS doens’t think it makes sense to deport illegals who have just been arrested or held? Click Here for Details

A Blatant Religion of Violence

Sudan sentences pregnant mom to death for renouncing Islam Click Here for Story



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