Saturday May 18, 2019

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Comey Leaks?

Who and how on dossier leaks being probed Click Here for Details

Billions In Michigan Taxpayer Dollars Flowing To Big 3

Shhhhh! State officials refuse to reveal how much

Cutting Hair or Working as an Athletic Trainer in Michigan May Get a Bit Easier

Bills would lessen some licensing restrictions

Giving It

Howard Stern pushes back on Joy Behar Click Here for Details

What About Flynn?

Will the public finally know more about charges against General Flynn? Click Here for Story

Illegals Moving Across Country

Dems refusal to fix immigration laws means ICE has to move illegals after release Click Here for Details

Setting the Stage?

President says spying on his campaign and Admin was treason Click Here for Story

Trump Immigration Plan

Things you need to know Click Here for Details



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