Saturday May 20, 2017

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Much Ado About Nothing?

James ClapperReally what is this Russian collusion stuff? Click Here for Story

Aaaaand Still No Evidence…

Feinstein Reloaded: We Still Have No Evidence Of Russia-Trump Collusion Dem Senator Feinstein says just rumors no evidence of RUssian collusion Click Here for Details and Video

Sucking Up the Kool-Aid

Reporters in the media are drinking the Anti-Trump Kool-Aid Click Here for Story

Changes for US 23

Traffic shifting as US 23 construction continues Click Here for Details

Astroturf? Facebook Page Promotes Union Politics Under Tea Party Flag

 A Facebook page that claims to be the voice of a Michigan tea party group that supports limited government is promoting a policy stance of the state’s largest teachers union, the Michigan Education Association. … more

About Time…

Fox News fires ‘The Five’ co-host Bob Beckel Fox News fires Bob Beckel…again? Click Here for Details

Standing By the Comey Firing

Dem frustration grows with Rosenstein  Rod Rosenstein stands behind the decision to see James Comey fired Click Here for Details and Video

Admission of Fake News

Reporter says he never saw Comey’s memo Click Here for Details

Off the Hook?

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has made his first public appearance since Sweden dropped its rape probe against him earlier todayRape charges in Sweden dropped against Julian Assange? Click Here for Story

The Real Crime in the White House

Robert MuellerThe leaks…Special Counsel should focus on that not phony Russian collusion Click Here for Details

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