Saturday May 27, 2017

End of Tweets?

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer at a news conference at the White House on May 18. Replacing Mr. Spicer is one of the changes under discussion.White House shake up could end the spontaneous tweets of The President Click Here for Story

No Longer a Country of Laws

  Court ruling is based on the man not the law Click Here for Story

Conflicted: Unions Call Nonmembers ‘Free Riders,’ But Insist on Representing Them

Michigan state Rep. Pamela Hornberger, R-Chesterfield Township, introduced legislation May 11 that would allow public sector employees who choose not to pay union dues to also opt out of being covered by the union contract in their workplace. … more

Congressional Corruption ‘

No coverage from MSM on congressional IT workers who were spying on Congress Click Here for Story

 DWS Threatens DC Police Chief?

Listen at the 1:24:24 mark to 1:27:10     link contributed by  B Dean

Soft Jihad

Muslim sues Pizza Chain over halal pizza Click Here for Story

Nutty Professor

Professor arrested on suspicion of assaulting Trump supporters with metal bike lock in Berkeley University professor arrested for assaulting Trump supporters Click Here for Details

Five Take Aways From Montana

Gianforte wins Montana despite trouble with reporter Click Here for Story

When the Law Enforcers Break the Law…

FBI guilty of sharing data collected via spying on Americans Click Here for Details

Ramadan Means Violence?

An aerial view of Strip is seen on Thursday, April 21, 2016. The Strip saw a win of $486.8 million in March, a 3.59 percent decrease over March 2015, officials said Thursday. Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas ...Muslim holiday prompts threats and warning about Islamic terror attacks Click Here for Story

Christians Slaughtered in Egypt

Yet another attack by Muslim extremists in Egypt Click Here for Details

Trump Stops Climate Non-Sense at G7

trump President Trump steers conversation to the real threat of terrorism Click Here for Story

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