Saturday May 28, 2016

Thank your Veterans this weekend

Talk about this weeks stories on The Drift Radio Show Saturday at 2pm on WAAM Yalk 1600 or live on the web at call in 734-822-1600

Obama’s Ultimate Betrayal

Obama in Hiroshima (Kimimasa Mayama / AFP / Getty)Speech at Hiroshima puts blame on US? Click Here for Details

Rubio’s Big Reversal?

IS he flip flopping on Trump or just embracing the GOP nominee as he should? Click Here for Story and Video

America’s Best Beaches?

With summer starting where is your favorite beach Click Here for Story

Taxpayers Should Not Be on the Hook for Stadiums

  Michigan has a bad track record when it comes to having state and local taxpayers pay for professional sports stadiums. … more

Clinton Emails Need Lots of Explaining

Stories have consistently changed since the beginning Click Here for Story and Video

Trump Sanders Debate?

Could this happen as a bypass to Hillary? Click Here for Details

Avoiding Investigators

Huma Abedin, who has been at Hillary Rodham Clinton's side as her personal assistant or "body woman" since the 2008 presidential race, faced criticism for standing by her husband, former Rep. Anthony Weiner, after sexting scandals that damaged his political career. She now has to defend her own actions with the Clinton Foundation and the State Department email scandal. (Associated Press) ** FILE **Hillary’s inner circle tried to avoid investigators in the email probe Click Here for Story

Rate Hike Cometh

Janet Yellen says a rate hike is probable Click Here for Details and Video

“Justice Involved”?

  The new politically correct term for criminals Click Here for Story

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