Saturday May 3, 2014

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Hypocrite University Union Bashes GM CEO?

  U of M’s Graduate Employee Organization doesn’t want gm’s 1st female CEO to speack at commencements? Click Here for Story


Brighton moves forward with special assessment district for downtown businesses Click Here for Details

Poll: Voters Say Small Business Will Suffer Most With Minimum Wage Increase

Michigan residents also say they will tip less

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

By an overwhelming 75 to 11 percent margin, Michigan voters believe smaller, locally owned and family owned businesses will struggle more under a proposed minimum wage increase than would be the case for larger businesses. … more

How to Be Accepted to 8 Ivy League Schools

  What does it take to get acceptance at 8 of the most prestigious colleges in North America? Click Here for Story

Commentary: Retiree Benefits Pose Problems For Pothole Patching Plans In Grand Rapids

Costs are crowding out road funding

By Anne Schieber | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

There are potholes Grand Rapids city officials fail to mention in their attempt to turn a temporary income tax increase into a more permanent one — the $153.9 million hole to meet pension liabilities and the $163 million bill for retiree health care. … more


Not Good?

  Michigan to lose right to back yard farming? Click Here for Story


With email proof of a Benghazi coverup Speaker Boehner will establish Select Committee to investigate Click Here for Details

Flip Flopping Hillary

  Clinton once supported traditional marriage but now…? Click Here for Story and Video

The Jobs Numbers

Unemployment down but the real reason is people leaving the workforce Click Here for Details

Where Was the President?

  This question pops up again after release of Benghazi emails Click Here for Story and Video

From the Science Side…

  We might want to think twice about creating Artificial Intelligence Click Here for Details

Ukraine Ablaze

Will war consume Ukraine? Click Here for Story

Conspiracy Corner

  Bill Clinton joked about aliens but what was his body language saying? Click Here for Details

The Real Unemployment Rate

unemployment  Never mind the Feds altered definition of unemployed the real rate is still double digits Click Here for Story


Colonel Ralph Peters calls it as he sees it when it comes to Obama Click Here for Video


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