Saturday November 10, 2018

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The Steal Is On?

Suspect late ballots may lead to another recount in Florida Click Here for Story

Wasteful Spending?

Ann Arbor ready to spend big money to sterilize deer? Click Here for Story

Who’s Moving Up In Next Year’s Michigan Legislature

Party breakdowns, and who’s new in Senate

Teachers Union Could Face Millions In Clawback Payments To Workers

Federal class-action lawsuit contends compulsory fee payments violated government workers’ free speech

More Election Irregularity?

Votes still showing up in Arizona Click Here for Details

Florida Election Goes to Court

The lawyers cometh Click Here for Story

California Burning

More fires plaguing California Click Here for Details

Build the Damn Wall

McConnell says they will try to get Trump funding for wall Click Here for Story

Europe Is Lost

Anti-Semitism is growing in France Click Here for Details





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