Saturday November 17, 2018

The True Democrat Agenda?

Image result for swalwell Democrat Congressman wants to take your guns or jail you or nuke you? Click Here for Story

Court Sides with Cry Baby Jim

A Federal court gives reporter back his White House Press pass…temporarily Click Here for Story

Another Great Lakes Shipwreck Found

Ship went down 90 years ago Click Here for Details

Does Michigan Impose Unconstitutional Fees On Criminal Defendants?

State Supreme Court to rule on fees in criminal cases

Just A Reminder Of The Growing State Budget

Tax cuts cost much less than recent budget increases

Assange Charged?

Prosecutors accidentally reveal that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been chargedLeaked prosecution info Click Here for Story

Ungracious Ending

McConnell, Flake clash over protecting Mueller probe Senator Flake leaving DC as a lousy team player Click Here for Story and Video

Dems Can’t Stand Losing

Stacy Abrams looks for another way to stifle Republican win Click Here for Details

The Truth Is…

Since when is showing the truth bad? Click Here for Story




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