Saturday November 23, 2013

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Goodbye Lakeland Elementary

   Pinckney Schools to close another elementary Click Here for Story

Winter is Here

   Snow and freezing temperatures Click Here for Details

Political Views Populate Website MEA Official Helped Create

School districts in the past have used taxpayer dollars for advocacy

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A website co-founded by a Michigan Education Association officer and supported by a network of public schools that was pitched as promoting “good news” stories about student achievement is also posting stories that promote political views by some public school officials. … more

Don’t Raise Campaign Contribution Limits – Eliminate Them

Don’t make NAACP disclose donors to Klan, either

By Jack McHugh | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The campaign finance regulatory regime that has grown up in the post-Watergate era is a misbegotten, misguided, anti-democratic enterprise that protects incumbents, “professionalizes” politics, and makes the entire political establishment less responsive to the people. Worse, it is increasingly being used to stifle dissent and cripple government reform efforts. … more

Hiding The Problem

   Obama Admin pushes back 2nd Year Obamacare enrollments…just until after the elections Click Here for Story

 California Says NO to Another Obamacare Provision

CALIFORNIA: Don't come knocking on our door



Oddly enough for California, the most liberal state in the nation, getting free care after not paying does not sit well with California Legislature. Maybe there is hope fo rthe left coast afterall? Click Here for Details

Welcome to the Beginnings of Authortarian America?

   Senate end of filibuster is just the beginning of what Progressive Liberals have planned for you Click Here for Story and Audio

Why Reid Pushed Nuclear Option

   Obama and Dems want to pack courts with Pro-Obamacare judges Click Here for Story

Racist Still on Payroll

Militant Racist is still on Fed payroll after publicly advocating the mass kilings of whites Click Here for Details

Obama Meets with His Propaganda Team

Another “Off the Record” meeting with liberal biased media Click Here for Story

5 Reasons for Ukraine Backing Away from EU Deal

   Was it Russian threats or something else? Click Here for Details

Conservatives Flee AARP

  Not serving the best needs of its customers Click Here for Story

Even Stuart Smalley Says Delay the Mandate

   Senator Al Franken caves on Obamacare mandate delay Click Here for Details


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