Saturday November 24, 2018

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Comey Fighting Subpoena

Reminded of his own leaks Click Here for Details


U of M plays at Ohio State Click Here for Story

Media, Left Blame Deficit On People Keeping More Of What They Earn

They don’t like tax cuts but do like government spending

Why Michigan’s Free-Market Policy Wonks Are Thankful 

People are working, students are learning, pension funds are growing and more

Hypocrite Chuck

Chuck Schumer’s latest attack on Trump called out for extreme hypocrisyDemocrats complete hypocrites Click Here for Story

Bad Blood Already

Ocasio-Cortez already making enemies in DC? Click Here for Details and Video

Manufactured Charges?

Is Mueller pushing charges to manufacture evidence for his investigation Click Here for Story

Why Kelley Left?

Disputes over use of Military power at the border? Click Here for Details

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