Saturday November 30, 2013

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  AATA still pushing for a subsidized commuter rail from Howell to Ann Arbor Click Here for Story

Light Up The Night

Holiday display in Howell Click Here for Story

Wrong Priorities

McConnell fights conservatives instead of Democrats Click Here for Details

Michigan Insurance Companies: It’s Too Late To Reinstate Old Health Care Plans

President forced to admit his promise couldn’t be kept, but insurance companies had already adjusted

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

“It’s just ridiculous to ask them to quickly undo the three years of work they did to put the Obamacare changes in place,” said Michael Harp of Michigan Group Benefits. “Now they’d have to look back at those terminated policies, pull claims, get the actuarials (statistical calculations), submit them and roll them out. … They’d have to do it all in a few weeks — and just for a temporary situation. It just doesn’t make sense.” … more


  Healthcare.Gove deadline is here  Click Here for Story

A Feel Good Story You’ll Want to See

Puppy with two legs gets along just fine…Play Video Below

Saudi Arabia Know How to Treat Illegals

  Ships 50,000 illegal workers out of country Click Here for Details

The Price of Presidential Weakness

  A weak Obama leaves the US with the reputation of Appeaser Click Here for Analysis

Non-Believer in Constitution

   The President doesn’t follow the Constitution very well at all Click Here for Story and Video

Obama Admin Bows to the Chinese?

   US tell commercial airlines to heed China’s new air defense zone Click Here for Details

Iran Won’t End Enrichment

Deal doesn’t stop Iran’s program no matter what the US says Click Here for Story

Yea, About That Global Warming Thing…

Thousands of Record cold temperatures set Click Here for Details

Ending Presidential Term Limits?

Some Progressives would love to see the worst Presidents continue Click Here for Details

Health Moment

7 Signs that may indicate heart problems Click Here for Story

Over 3000 Warheads Seized in Jamaica?

  Weapons seizure unusual Click Here for Details

Are We In Another Financial Bubble?

   Expert says prices are high and going higher but the values aren’t real Click Here for Story and Video

Sending the Wrong Message

   US Extends Iran oil sanction waivers Click Here for Details





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