Saturday October 12, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Alleged Whistle Blower Worked with Joe Biden

More evidence of shenanigans Click Here for Details

Good Consumer News

Consumer confidence surges up Click Here for Story

Bye Felicia:Fired or Quit?

Shepard Smith leaves Fox News Click Here for Details

U of M Buys Into Fake News?


Hosts Hillary Clinton as she takes her Unfair I Lost Tour Click Here for Story

Falling on the Pelosi Sword

  Michigan Rep Slotkin risks her re-election to support crazy Dem impeachment Click Here for Details

Five Unionized Public Schools Excluded From Funding Hike, Union Silent

Employees unionized at just five of 300 Michigan charter schools; all excluded from state aid increase

This Is Higher Education?

Sponge Bob is racist says University professor Click Here for Details

The Duplicitous Lindsey

Exactly which Senator Graham are we seeing today? Click Here for Story

POTUS Popular

Even youth are joining Trump rallies Click Here for Details

China Controls the NBA

NBA Dupbows to pressure from China Click Here for Story


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