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Justice Dept. opens criminal investigation into how the Russian Collusion hoax started Click Here for Details

The Soros Candidate

Anti-American George Soros backs Elizabeth Warren for President? Click Here for Story

Detroit School District Enrollment Up For First Time This Century

Superintendent says Detroit’s conventional school district gained 700 students

Bad News for Lisa Page

Truth is coming out as she is outed for changing the Flynn interview record Click Here for Story

Kmart Property is MEGA Reminder Not to Extend Subsidy Program

Good Jobs for Michigan is modeled after the failed MEGA


Harvey Weinstein gets an earful in public Click Here for Details

Pathetic Clinton

Clinton memorializes Cummings for standing 'against corrupt leadership of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel'  Hillary uses Cummings funeral to push her agenda Click Here for Story

Protecting Oil for Europe?

Some US troops move to secure oil fields from an ISIS resurgence Click Here for Details

Pointing Out the Obvious

 Senator Graham calls out the media for bias on the phony impeachment process Click Here for Story

Unbridled Immigration will Destroy the West

Opening the door to people who hate us Click Here for Details



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