Saturday October 28, 2017

Call Your Congressman

Trump Border Wall prototypes might mean nothing if  Congress won’t finance the wall Click Here for Story and Video

EPA Administrator Pruitt to ‘Unravel’ Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan

  EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has withdrawn the so-called Clean Power Plan of the Obama administration but it will have little impact on Michigan. … more

Vegas Questions Continue

Conspiracy thoughts are well founded? Click Here for Details

JFK Questions

What did the release answer if anything? Click Here for Story

The Opioid Problem

Billionaire busted Click Here for Details

Where is This Going

Catalonia declares Independence from Spain Click Here for Story

Get the Facts on Tax Issue

Top 20% pay 95% of ALL Taxes Click Here for Details and Video

Republican Swamp Creatures

Oppose the Trump Agenda that the people voted for and you ARE part of the swamp Click Here for Story

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