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IG Report Almost Ready?

Draft turned in but will it hold anyone accountable? Click Here for Story and Here for More Info

The Attack…The Cost

Did Julian Castro overstep bounds in attack on Biden at debate? Click Here for Story

No Such Thing As An Average Teacher Salary In Michigan

One teacher saw a $19,166 increase over three years; another, $435 over seven

Michigan’s Ineffective, Unfair and Expensive Corporate Handouts

The state should get out of the business of providing business favors

Hungry? China’s Tariff Exemptions

China exempts pork and Soybeans Click Here for Details

Don’t Mess with the 2nd

Conservatives warns GOP and POTUS about expanding gun control measures Click Here for Details

Tommy Robinson Gets Out

British journalist released from prison in UK Click Here for Details

Gun Grabbers

  Beto doesn’t hide his plans to take your assault rifles Click Here for Story

Stop This?

What is the Federal reserve doing about illegal alien remittances? Click Here for Details

Did We Learn Anything

18 years after 9/11 have we forgotten the lesson ? Click Here for Story

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