Saturday September 22, 2018

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Who Says Trump Isn’t Tough on Russia

New policy hits Russia and China Click Here for Story

No Evidence

Alan Dershowitz says ‘no evidence whatsoever’ that Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations are trueThere is no evidence for Christine Ford’s allegations Click Here for Story and Video

NOT Right

Accuser cannot make the accused speak first Click Here for Details

Restrictive Fence Ordinance Makes Unhappy Neighbors

Grosse Pointe Woods bans privacy fences

From The Science Side…

Upload for the human brain? Click Here for Story

Kavanaugh Circus Is What Democrats Will Bring

If Democrats win in November you can expect a lot more of this nonsense Click Here for Story

McConnell Pushing Ahead

McConnell: Kavanaugh will be on Supreme Court 'in very near future' Senate Majority leader says Kavanaugh will get his votes Click Here for Story


Asking an accuser to speak her charges is silencing her? Click Here for Details

I Stand With Brett

Women supporting Brett Kavanaugh Click Here for Story and Video

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