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Breaking NEWS: Deep State Prepped for Whistle Blower?

Who ordered the change to whistle blower rules in August of 2019? Click Here for Story

Fiddling While Farms Burn

Democrats fool around with impeachment letting the USMCA linger and hurt US farmers Click Here for Story

Breaking: John Solomon Reports on Biden Issues in Ukraine

Great interview with reporter John Solomon Click Here for Video

Lawmaker Wants To Make Gun-Free Zones Liable If Someone Hurt

Bills would remove governmental immunity, make private zone owners responsible for security

Omnipotent Moral Busybodies Appear at Climate Town Hall

Policies proposed during the climate town hall were beyond extreme

State of Idiocracy

California decriminalizes theft and… crime goes up? Click Here for Details

Back to the Tables

New China Trade negotiations starting in October Click Here for Story

Not All Dems Buying the Impeachment Garbage?

13 Dems who don’t support impeachment proceedings by the House Click Here for Details

California Leaving

Polls show 50% of Californians want to leave Click Here for Story

Is This What Dems Are Using Ukraine For?

Is discrediting Barr the real reason for Ukraine impeachment talk? Click Here for Details

No Traction On The Ground…

John Kasich None of this impeachment matters on Main St America Click Here for Story

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