Saturday September 30, 2017

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Anti-Establishment is Growing

Not even the President controls the angst against the DC establishment Click Here for Story

Jobs Department’s Fake News: $10 Tax return for Every $1 in Subsidies 

  In 2011 newly elected Gov. Rick Snyder championed a corporate handout initiative called the Michigan Business Development Program. The program distributes mostly cash grants (and some loans and other favors) to companies that make investments and add new jobs, above some baseline, to their payroll in Michigan.  … more

Fans Disagree with NFL Protesters

Green Bay Packers fans stand with their hands over their hearts during the singing of the national anthem at Thursday night's game. (Image source: Twitter video screenshot)Kneeling for the national anthem is hurting the NFL reputation Click Here for Story

And Favorability rating falls Click Here for Info

South African Crime Wave

Dutch tourists robbed Tourists being targeted in South Africa? Click Here for Story link contributed by P. Pereira

Distrust of the Senate

Senate GOP is failing and America isn’t happy about it Click Here for Details

Time to Outlaw Antifa?

Paid protesters planning more violence Click Here for Story

California Crazy

State of California plans to ban gas cars Click Here for Details and video

Support for North Korean Action Grows

Nearly half of Americans now support action against North Korea Click Here for Story

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