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What Really Drove the Kavanaugh Crisis

Democrats were attacking Kavanaugh over abortion issue Click Here for Details

Lack of Money For Universities Didn’t Cost Michigan Amazon – Or Economic Growth

There is little relationship between state spending and results

A Case Study in Anti-School Choice Activist Journalism

CQ Magazine’s bizarre sliming of DeVos, charters

Thanking the US

Bahamian Prime Minister thanks the US for helping the Bahamas before and after Dorian Click Here for Details



Saving eagle eggs but NOT human unborn babies? Click Here for Story

Texas Turning Blue?

GOP worries about losing Texas to Democrats Click Here for Details


Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani tried to sabotage an American Airline flight Click Here for Story

Dorian Hits Land

North Carolina gets hit by Hurricane Dorian Click Here for Details

Trump Economy

Record employment and record black employment Click Here for Story

Democrats Ignore the Real Environmental Problem

Its China not the US that is hurting the environment Click Here for Details

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