Monday September 1, 2014

Labor Day

Happy Anniversary to Gary & Julia!

VP Comes to Detroit

Vice President Joe Biden campaigning in Detroit on your dollar Click Here for Details

Road Construction for U of M Stadium

Major reconstruction on Stadium Dr in A2 Click Here for Story

MEDC Approves Corporate Welfare for Dealership

Michigan Strategic Fund board members voted Tuesday to divert almost three-quarters of a million dollars in local and school taxes to a private entity so that a Redford Township car dealership can upgrade its facilities. … more

Over the past 33 years Michigan’s Election Director Christopher Thomas has built a reputation for integrity, openness and honesty rarely matched. … more

Signs That Hillary is Running

Its inevitable but these signs are pretty open Click Here for Details

So Much for the Arab Spring

  Extremists now control Libya Click Here for Story

What Foreign Policy?

   Congressman Rogers says US Foreign Policy is in freefall Click Here for Details

No Quarter

Muslim Extremists behead Lebanese Muslim soldier Click Here for Story

Photos of the Week

Click Here for top photos from around the world

Hackers Out Celeb Photos

jennifer lawrence   Nudes and selfies hacked from celebrity photo accounts Click Here for Details

Being Used

  Democrats want to fan the flames of Ferguson to motivate Black voters to vote for them Click Here for Details

Standing Up for What’s Right

  Protestors stand up against anti-semitism in London Click Here for Story

What You Need to Know About the Ukraine Crisis

6 items the world needs to know Click Here for Details




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