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Trump Has Done Well for California

Governor Newsom praises the President on Corona virus actions Click Here for Details

US Counts All Deaths as Covid

Dr. Deborah Birx Has Gained a Fan Club for Her Impressive ... Unlike other countries even if something else kills you if you test positive you are counted as Covid mortality by the US Click Here for Story

Destroying Michiganders

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is hurting Michigan businesses, employees and citizens Click Here for Story     Call Governor Whitmer at 517-335-7858

Owner Of Jackson’s Irish Pub Struggling, Says ‘We’ve Been Silenced’

‘No customers, no sales, no revenue; I’ve never seen anything like this’

The Shutdown’s Cost: ‘All My Life’s Work’ Savings, Jobs Created, Everything … Will Be Gone

Frustrated that car dealer and repair shop can avoid person-to-person contact

Europe Is Reopening Schools

Increasing US lock downs not making sense? Click Here for Story

POTUS Puts New Corona Council Together

Decision to re-open will be tough Click Here for Details

Another Reason Not to Have Vote By Mail

If Obama is pushing it you know its bad for the US Click Here for Details

Bad Records

Tax collection and spending in US hit all time highs Click Here for Story

Facebook Fake News

Facebook is not constraining China from a disinformation campaign Click Here for Details

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