Sunday April 19, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

People Still Giving to Republicans

Democrat actions during the shutdown is showing people that they need to support the GOP Click Here for Story

Suing the Governor

Michiganders sue Governor Whitmer for her overreach Click Here for Story

Federal Cash is Coming for Michigan Schools – We Need to Use It Fairly and Smartly

Officials should prioritize student needs with CARES Act education funds

In A Michigan County, A Fever Could Land You In Jail If You Don’t Self-Quarantine

Grand Rapids assistant city attorney: ‘This order is unlawful, illegal and unenforceable’

Dirty WHO?

Corruption is no stranger to head of WHO? Click Here for Details

The Senate Races

What Democrats would like to win in November Click Here for Story

Florida Beach Reopens

Jacksonville Mayor orders beach open with restrictions Click Here for Details

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