Sunday April 5, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Ignorance of Democrats

AOC once again shows her hate for America Click Here for Details

Michigan Corona News

Latest virus facts Click Here for Details

Ban on Fossil Fuel Drilling in Michigan Could Be on the Ballot in 2020

Anti-oil and gas group missed two deadlines but wins in court

Covid- 19 Was From Lab?

New evidence Click Here for Story

Businesses are Stepping up to Help During the Pandemic

A roundup of stories about Michigan businesses making a difference

Use Face Coverings

CDC suggests using face coverings or masks when leaving home Click Here for Details

Kissinger The Deep State Operative

Editorial from Henry Kissinger is all that you would expect from the Deep State Elitist Click Here for Details

Geraldo Praises

 Trump is the right man for handling this Corona Crisis Click Here for Details

Better News for Italy

Intensive care cases drop Click Here for Story

How Will the Woke Culture be Affected?

Pandemic will impact the “woke culture” Click Here for Details

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