Sunday August 12, 2018

Socialist Walk Back

Bernie Sanders says he misunderstood latest Medicare For All study Click Here for Details

94 Hours A Week: Presumed Load For This Financial Manager Of Three Michigan Cities

He’s collecting six-figure salaries from two of those metro-area municipalities

Awesome Record

Michigan rower crosses Atlantic? Click Here for Story

Hypocrite Socialist

Twitter exposes Ocasio-Cortez’s hypocrisy with old tweet after she accuses Shapiro of ‘catcalling’Democrats new face shows her own hypocrisy Click Here for Details

Ever The Idiot

Kasich: Ohio race results a message to Republicans to ‘stop the chaos’RINO Kasich still doesn’t understand politics Click Here for Story

Social Media Bans Don’t Work?

Facebook and Twitter Ban isn’t stopping Alex Jones and others Click Here for Details

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