Sunday August 20, 2017

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The Violent Left

Free speech rally shut down by violent leftist protesters Click Here for Story

No Pre-Emptive Strike on N. Korea

South Korea would have to ok a US pre-emptive strike on North Korea Click Here for Story

  MEA President Steve Cook says teachers don’t have any time to go to work conferences during the school year. But the Lansing School District gave its teachers 746 days to attend conferences on school time last year. … more

False Russian Narrative is Dangerous

Dershowitz says continuing lies of this sort can destroy democracy Click Here for Story

Traitorous Senate Republicans

GOP Senators work against Trump and the will of the people Click Here for Details and Video

From the Science Side…

NThe hepatitis E virus is transmitted by sausages and pork products from Europeew Pig Virus infecting people? Click Here for Story

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