Sunday August 27, 2017

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Back Stabbing Republicans

6 months in and the establishment do nothing GOP are threatening to block Trump in 2020 Click Here for Details

Mayweather Beats MacGregor

UCF Champ loses to Boxing champ Click Here for Story

 MEA President Steve Cook says teachers don’t have any time to go to work conferences during the school year. But the Lansing School District gave its teachers 746 days to attend conferences on school time last year. … more

Heavy Flooding in Texas

Two kayakers try to beat the current pushing them down an overflowing Brays Bayou along S. Braeswood Sunday, August 27, 2017. Photo: Mark Mulligan, Houston Chronicle / 2017Hurricane Harvey dumping lots of rain on Texas Click Here for Story

Pardon for Arpaio

President Pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio Click Here for Details

The Total Failure of Republicans

Lying to their constituents for decades Click Here for Story

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