Sunday August 30, 2015

U of M Wrong on Pedophile?

Still employs professor after indictment brought Click Here for Details

Unions Should Get Serious About Pension Underfunding

It is discouraging when union officials that are supposed to be protecting their members ignore pension underfunding. … more

Change is in the Air?

Facebook/AP Photo  Ward beating McCain in Arizona? Click Here for Story link contributed by Pgh ExPat

The Elitists Don’t Get It

Rise of nationalism via Donald Trump is misunderstood by US elite Click Here for Details

Troubles for Bush

Jeb Bush camp has departures Click Here for Story link Contributed by Pgh Expat

Who Does Clinton Staff Work For?

Image result for huma abedin  Questions about double dipping and allegiances on Hillary Clinton staff Click Here for Story

 The United States of Political Correctness

Get a comedian’s view…

Commander in Chief… of Stupidity

Obama continues saying “climate change” is the US biggest threat? Click Here for Story

True Racism?

Image via  Man who executed Texas Sheriff Deputy is arrested Click Here for Details and Video

Speaking for Fed Up Americans

 Trump speaks what average Americans are thinking Click Here for Story

Planned Parenthood Founder was Racist

   Bishop E.W. Jackson points out the truth the media won’t Click Here for Details

Haven’t We Done Enough Already?

AP Photo  Pope will urge the US to open its doors even more? Click Here for Stupidity

Obama Styled Military

Screenshot from MEMRI  Obama won’t go after ISIS training facilities Click Here for Details


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