Sunday August 31, 2014


Michigan Takes Opener

Beats Appalachian State Click Here for Details

More Teachers Than Ever Now Know Opt-Out Rights

These teachers faced the Michigan Education Association trying to ruin their credit; they faced name-calling from their peers and even from the president of the MEA, but they stood firm in their strongly held conviction that no one should be fired if they choose not to support a union. … more

Distracted and Confused

Photo - Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with the press after meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Minsk, Belarus on Wednesday. Putin said there was no talk of a cease-fire because Russia is not part of the conflict. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko) Obama can’t multi-task his foreign policy with ISIS, China and Russia Click Here for Story

Germ Warfare

Does ISIS have bubonic plague? Click Here for Details

Too Cautious

   Even Dem Senator Feinstein says Obama too soft on ISIS Click Here for Story

Feds Advertise for Illegals to Return

   This settlement will infuriate you Click Here for Details

Global Warming Myth

Arctic meltdown hasn’t happened its actually growing Click Here for Story

Poland Warns of Putin’s Ambition

Europe had best get serious about dealing with Russia Click Here for Details

Some Un Troops Escape Islamic Terrorists

  Other UN peacekeepers are still surrounded Click Here for Story


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