Sunday December 1, 2013

1st Meteorological Day of Winter!

Another Big Loss for Wolverines

   2 Point conversion is a fail Click Here for Details

State Ignores Car Pool Lot Request

Livingston C0unty Commission wants car pool for new Latson Rd interchange Click Here for Story

Legislator: Improving State’s Grading System for Schools A Priority

New system would put more focus on student growth

By Jack Spencer |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Legislation to change the way the State of Michigan grades the performance of schools could emerge from the House Education Committee in December. Changes would include creating an A-F grading system for schools and placing greater emphasis on student academic growth.  … more

4 Dead in Train Derailment

  NY commuter train derails Click Here for Story

Another Obamacare Delay

Insurer payments will be delayed Click Here for Details

Stealing Babies from The Womb?

   UK forcibly sedates Italian woman and then performs C-Section Click Here for Story

Fixed or Another Lie?

  Healthcare .gov team says the Obamacare website is fixed Click Here f0r Details

Obama Meets with Fasters

  The President showed support for illegal immigrants by meeting with those fasting in protest for immigration reform Click Here for Story

Iran/Saudi Nuclear Race

  If Iran gets nukes the Saudi will buy one from Pakistan Click Here for Details

Sucking Up

  Clintons court African American vote in prep for 2016 Click Here for Story



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