Sunday December 11, 2016

Obama’s War

US sends 200 more troops to Syria Click Here for Story

Storm Watch

Livingston and Washtenaw expecting heavy snow Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Economy Best In Midwest, And It’s Not Just Cars

   Michigan’s economy had the fastest growth in the Midwest in the second quarter of 2016 and ranked in the top 10 nationally. … more

The High Cost of Losing

Report: Clinton spent more money than any other presidential candidate in history — and still lost   Hillary spent more money than any presidential candidate…just to lose Click Here for Details

The Softness of Democrats

Democrats nervous over Trumps pick of ex-Generals for Cabinet posts Click Here for Story

A Welcomed Commander in Chief

AP Photo  Trump cheered at the Army Navy Football game Click Here for Details

18 States Push Back on Feds

 Suing the Federal government for expanding size of “Critical Habitats” Click Here for Story

Pot Calling Kettle

Hillary-Clinton-Fake-News 8 times Hillary pushed fake news Click Here for Details

A Socialist Christmas Story

Venezuela seizes toys from company to give to poor children for Christmas Click Here for Story

Chinese Investments in US

AP   $18 Billion in first half of 2016 Click Here for Story

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