Sunday February 17, 2019 The Daily Drift.Com

Apologist Joe

Image result for joe biden Another Democrat goes on apology tour Click Here for Story and Video

Where Could Wall Go Up?

234 miles of wall? Click Here for Details and Video

Michigan Marijuana

Take a look at Michigan’s biggest marijuana facility Click Here for Details

Medical Welfare Programs Look To Price Another Year Of Life

Is a beneficiary’s ‘quality-adjusted life year’ worth the cost of a drug?

Trouble for McCabe

Stunning admissions Click Here for Story and Video

Ruh Roh

Jussie SmollettJustin Smollett alleged attack now under scrutiny for hoax? Click Here for Details

Gracious Pundit

Image result for pat caddell on fox news  One of the last of the moderate Democrat pundits dies Click Here for Story

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