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Super Bowl Sunday!

Image result for Superbowl Sunday 2020Forty-Niners face off with the Chiefs Click Here for Details

The Drift Radio

If you missed the latest podcast of The Drift Catch it now on podcast! Click Here for Podcast

Final Iowa Poll Cancelled

Legitimacy problems cause poll to be cancelled Click Here for Story

Short Winter?

Punxsutawney Phil makes his prediction at Gobbler's Knob on Groundhog Day 2020. Feb. 02, 2020. Sean Simmers | Ground Hog Day brings early spring prediction? Click Here for Details

Using State’s Credit Card To Fix Roads Now Means 25 Years Of Payments

Money will come out of tomorrow’s road repair budgets

Weaponizing Government

The Obama legacy Click Here for Story

Not the Future?

People’s Republic of China is not the world’s future Click Here for Details

No Surprise

Never Trumper Bill Kristol finally tells the truth he’s a Democrat not a Republican Click Here for Story

Election Interference?

Is the DNC rigging the system against Bernie again? Click Here for Details

What Liberalism Brings

A street cleaner showed me a box filled with used syringes that he had collected, then I met two charity workers picking up needles from the pavement. How many do you find a day, I ask? ¿Between 300 and 600, depending on the weather,¿ one replies. A homeless man is pictured second left using a syringe to inject drugs in the city in June 2018Social failure and terrible living conditions Click Here for Details

Bad Reputation

China’s handling of the Novel Coronavirus is hurting its reputation across the globe Click Here for Details

Surprising Support

A view of the wall separating East Jerusalem from the Palestinian village of Abu Dis Ignored by the press, and Democrats but the Trump Peace plan for the Middle East is gaining support from Arab states Click Here for Details

Stay Armed My Friends

Disarming a populace is the tool of dictatorial government Click Here for Story

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