Sunday February 21, 2016

Trump Wins Big

Image result for trump wins  10 point lead in South Carolina Click Here for Story

Mass Shooting in Kalamazoo

6 dead shooter in custody Click Here for Details

Higher Education Subsidies: Is College More Affordable for Those Who Don’t Go

Gov. Rick Snyder recommends spending $61 million more than last year on Michigan’s 15 state universities. If the Legislature wants to do a favor for taxpayers, it should not approve this hike in spending. … more

Migrant Ruse

Image result for young muslim refugees  Refugees posing as children in Europe are really adults Click Here for Details

Bush Drops Out

Image result for jeb bush  Suspends his campaign after another bad showing Click Here for Story and Video

Conspiracy Talk Isn’t Dying

Suspicions over Scalia death linger Click Here for Details

Twitter Under Fire

  Banning more conservatives Click Here for Story

Welfare Fraud

  Pennsylvania saved millions investigating welfare recipients Click Here for Details

Losing It

FacebookGlenn Beck wants to fast for his third place finisher Click Here for Story

Could Snowden Return?

Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. © Mark BlinchIf fair trial guaranteed Snowden says he’d come home Click Here for Details

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