Sunday February 24, 2019

Trouble Deepens in Venezuela

Image result for venezuela  Breaks ties with Columbia and protests grow Click Here for Story

Laura Cox to Lead Michigan GOP

New leadership for Michigan Republicans Click Here for Details

More State-Owned Vehicles For Fewer State Employees

Explanations include fewer workers tied to an office, cheaper than paying people to use own cars

Dems Want US to Pay Reparations

Democrats will run in 2020 claiming US citizens must pay reparations to black Americans and native Americans? Click Here for Story

Mueller Delays

Image result for mueller Mueller report will not come next week Click Here for Details

Pelosi Hypocrite

Image result for pelosi Speaker wants President and VP to show tax returns but not her? Click Here for Details

Socialist Bernie

Sanders apologizes for harassment by 2016 campaign staffSays Venezuela is in a humanitarian crisis but won’t blame socialism? Click Here for Story

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