Sunday February 3, 2019

Is He or Isn’t He?

Governor Northam backtracks on racist allegations Click Here for Details

Early Spring?

Ground hogs give their predictions? Click Here for Story

Official’s School Funding Complaints Cite Study Missing Billions

MSU study ends before last four years of school aid increases

Totally Extreme

Democrats pushing extreme agenda on abortion and taxes Click Here for Details

Will Shutdown Happen Again?

Congress is failing to negotiate Click Here for Story

Is Maher a Racist Too?

Offensive joke to African American Congressman? Click Here for Details and Video

Venezuela Update

General urges military to not back Maduro Click Here for Story

Walls Work

A Palestinian protester throws a rock at Israeli soldiers during a demonstration along the barrier between Israel and the Gaza Strip on November 9, 2018Israel starts another wall project Click Here for Details

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