Sunday January 12, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Iran at Faulty

   Iran admits downing the Ukraine Jet Click Here for Details

Iran Detained UK Ambassador

Accused of participating in protests Click Here for Story

State School Aid Deal Fits Decade-Long Upward Trend

Reapproved vetoed funds puts final budget above 10-year average

Confused Joe

Image result for biden  Joe Biden’s confusion is getting worse Click Here for Story 

Trump Economy

Hot economy will affect the election Click Here for Story

Protests Build in Iran

Image result for iran protests against ayatollah Protesters want the Ayatollah to step down Click Here for Story

Soliemanis ‘Plan?

Embassies were to be attacked Click Here for Details

Sue the States?

Should States that alolw illegals to  vote be sued? Click Here for Story

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