Sunday January 13, 2019

Beto Joining the Race?

Oprah will interview Beto O’Rourke, Is he going to run in 2020? Click Here for Story

Democrats Play During Shutdown

Meeting and vacationing with lobbyists in Puerto Rico while shutdown continues Click Here for Story

Once a Leader, Michigan Now Falling Behind in Licensing Reform

 New research shows licensing leads to large declines in jobs

Teachers Can Choose To Do More Than Just Teach – And Get Paid More

Yet the union says teachers are walking out because of the extras

The Facts on Border Wall

Video of what facts actually say about the effectiveness of a border wall Click Here for Story and Video

Democrat Feud?

Hawaiian Rep and Senator at odds Click Here for Story

Politically Weaponized FBI?

Why did the FBI open an investigation into the President? Click Here for Details


Who would envision Rashida Tlaib as Speaker of the House? Click Here for Story

Border Crisis

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta appeared to inadvertently make the case on Thursday for a steel version of President Donald Trump’s border wall.Media is downplaying the danger on both sides of the border Click Here for Details

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