Sunday January 24, 2016


No smoking outside in Ann Arbor Area public parks Click Here for Story

The Numbers Behind Upcoming Adequacy Study

Some Michigan officials are preparing to tell us how many more dollars ought to be poured into the state’s K-12 school system. They expect to have an official report in hand soon to make their case, but other recently released numbers raise some tough questions. … more

If you missed The Drift Radio Show catch it now by clicking the Common Sense radio tab above!

Travel Ban in New York City

Snow storm making it near impossible to get around Click Here for Details and Video

ISIS Among Refugees

Even German refugees are saying ISIS walks among them Click Here for Story and Video

Missed Her Window?

 Clintons just don’t have the attraction for younger voters now Click Here for Details

Anti Gunner Bloomberg to Run for President?

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks during the C40 cities awards ceremony, in Paris, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015. The C40 cities awards recognize cities for their leadership in tackling climate change across key sectors. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)   If Hillary falls can Bloomberg run as a liberal independent? Click Here for Story and Here for More Info


Clinton laughs off request to see Goldman Sachs speeches? Click Here for Details and Video


Muslim refugee kicks and spits at mom and children in Sweden Click Here for Story and Video

Internet Power Grab by FCC

  FCC to Mess with Internet Again? Click Here for Details

Government Pusher

Obama is the epitome  of government running your life Click Here for Story and Video

Just Sick

Swimming Bath  Western civilization can’t survive this immigration deluge  Click Here for Story

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