Sunday January 26, 2014

Paying for Art?

  Ann Arbor City Council eyes unspent art funds Click Here for Details

Good News for Howell

New resident and Hollywood transplant likes you Click Here for Story

Commentary: Michigan Taxpayers Have Already Bailed Out Detroit

Again and again and again

By James M. Hohman and Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Michigan has rewritten its laws multiple times to give Detroit more fiscal assistance. In other words, the bailout option has been tried and found wanting. … more

Skorup Debates Minimum Wage

Research Associate Jarrett Skorup recently debated the topic, “Should Michigan raise the minimum wage?” as part of the Coffee House Debate Series at the Hauenstein Center at Grand Valley State University. … more

Regulator in Chief

Obama will make the case for bypassing Congress to push his agenda at this years State of the Union Click Here for Story

Was Noah’s Story a Copy?

  Does the story of a giant ark predate the Bible? Click Here for Details

Getting on Their Bad Side

CBC to go after Obama  Congressional Black Caucus not happy with Obama Click Here for Story

Political Payback

Progressives look for revenge Click Here for Details

Homeland Security Secretary Believes Illegals Have Earned Citizenship

johnson  Will Obama Admin try to go around Congress to grant amnesty or citizenship? Click Here for Story


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