Sunday January 26, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

When Will We See It?

Another court step in the FISA abuse process Click Here for Details

Democrats Caught Hiding Evidence?

Impeachment evidence hidden by Dems exposed by Trump defense team Click Here for Story

Michigan College’s $98k Equity And Inclusion Officer To Political Opponents: ‘F**k Trump’

Diversity has its limits at Kellogg Community College

Schiff Should Be on Trial?


Trump defense team looks at Schiff as the problem for corruption? Click Here for Details

China Quarantine Grows

 56 million no on lock down? Click Here for Story

Election Thief

(Screen Capture)   Rep Adam Schiff tells Senate not to let POTUS run in 2020 Click Here for Story

They All Knew?

Meghan McCain says “we all knew” what Jeffrey Epstein was doing? Click Here for Details

Islamic Nazi Collusion

Fascism crosses cultures Click Here for Story

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