Sunday July 17, 2016

Failed Coup Leaves Many Dead

Image result for coup in turkey Death toll could rise as retribution for coup begins? Click Here for Story

Its Pence

Image result for mike pence   Indiana Governor Mike Pence accepts VP spot from Trump Click Here for Story and Video

Burned Ballots?

Burned truck may have been carrying some absentee ballots Click Here for Details

Turkish Purge

The captured soldiers in a courthouse, Istanbul Revenge being served by Erdogan Click Here for Story and Disturbing Video

Hillary Stupidity

Image result for inept hillary clinton  Blasts Trump for indecisiveness on VP?  While she hasn’t named anyone? Click Here for Story

How Some Michigan Cities Dodge the Unfunded Pension Liability Trap

  Some local governments have managed to contain the costs of their employees’ pension plans. … more

The Democrat’s Legacy

Clinton and Obama are to blame for attacks in France and Turkey’s problem Click Here for Story

Attack in Nice Was ISIS

Image result for attack in nice  Killer was radicalized Click Here for Story and Video

Traveling Phat

Image result for traveling obama  Obama’s spent how much on travel? Click Here for Details



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