Sunday June 24, 2018

SCOTUS Looks at State Level Fines

Supreme CourtCould States be limited on excessive fines and fees? Click Here for Story

Great Move by POTUS

grilled rib eye steakScraps Congressional picnic and donates food to Military hospital Click Here for Details

Phony Media Stories

One good example of lying biased Media Click Here for Details

Democrats Hate America: Leftists New Target?

'Occupy ICE' protests emerge across the countryOur Border Patrol and security Click Here for Story

Finally Moving Forward

Across Riyadh, men and women stopped Samar's white SUV to congratulate her and voice their support (AFP Photo/FAYEZ NURELDINE)Saudi Arabia now allows women to drive? Click Here for Details

Climate Scam

A demonstrator dressed as a polar bear joins others gather infront of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, March 28, 2017, during a rally against President Donald Trump's Energy Independence Executive order. Trump signed an executive order aimed at moving forward on his campaign pledge to unravel former President Barack …30 Years of dirty tricks and how Congress helped Click Here for Story


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